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Things to know before you order Wedding Invitations

By jweissma


What you will need to know before ordering your stationery and how to calculate numbers.

Wedding Invitations and Stationery may be the first thing you think of in your wedding planning process, or it may be the last thing on your mind with all the excitement of planning your dream wedding.

This post will help you gather everything you need to know about your wedding stationery before you start looking for wedding invitations. Remember that your wedding invitations are the first impressions your guests will receive about your wedding. Your invitations are an opportunity to give your guests a taste of the tone and style you are intending, and can even help your guests plan for what to wear based on details such as time of year, style, theme, and formality level of your event.

Formality is an important component of the wedding invitation. Not only is it the first sneak peak of your wedding day that your guests get to view, but it is also very likely the only piece of information they will see prior to your wedding day.

There are a few things you should gather before you start looking for your wedding invitations.

Wedding theme:

When planning for your wedding theme, make sure to consider the colors, time of year, and the comprehensive feel and look you want to achieve for your wedding day. Having these components organized will make everything much easier, not just for invitations, but to begin planning all the details around your inspiration board and your end goal. For example: Are you having a country style wedding, a black and white tie event, a modern urban event, or a garden themed wedding? There are so many beautiful ideas and endless resources out there, it can be very overwhelming until you lock in the color palette and overall theme, and doing so will help you avoid sensory overload. With a more specific vision you will either know the style and theme you want to achieve, or it will help your wedding Stationer present ideas in that design category.

Once you have your colors and theme, it is time to figure out your guest list.

Guest list:

It is time to sit down with your fiancé and discuss your guest list. This will enable you to begin working on a budget, or if you already have a budget, it will help you narrow down your list. The amount of people you want to invite affects your food quantity, your amount of space and table layout for your reception, how many invitations you need, how many floral centerpieces you need, and how many chairs you need for your ceremony and other design elements. So get your game face on, and get ready to justify why you have more friends. How many guests can your budget accommodate again?

Once you have your numbers figured out then you can calculate how many wedding invitations you will need.

The easiest way to calculate the amount of wedding invitations needed is to take your guest, cut it in half, and then add about 15 to 20 more invitations. Always order 10 to 15 extra invitations in case you have any last minute additions, and also to keep a few copies for yourself. This may vary for each couple, but this is a general starting point as most invitations are addressed to more than one person. If there is a child who is 18 or older they should be sent their own individually addressed envelope, even if they are at the same residence as the family.

This will give you the total number of invitations needed to base your quotes on.

The last thing you will want to have before you start looking for wedding invitations

is your content, as well as, all your important information, such as the wedding date, venue, start time, wedding details, rsvp date, wedding website, rsvp date, and guest addresses.

You will need to decide if you would like your guests’ full names on the invitation (including middle name or not), as well as, entrée selections if you are having a plated meal.

Having these components and your guest address information will speed up the time to receive and mail out your wedding invitations, especially if you need your invitations in a rush.

You are now ready and prepared to begin looking for the perfect wedding invitation!

My clients are always excited to work on their wedding invitations, because once they see it in writing it really hits home that they are getting married. It is one of those special moments in the wedding planning process to stop, and take a moment to let it all sink in.


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Proofing Your Stationery

By jweissma

Proofing your stationery!

One of the most common and yet easily missed errors in wedding stationery are “Typos”.

There are not very many lines of text on your Wedding Invitation Suite but it is surprising how easily typos or incorrect information can be missed among the details. Before you give your Stationer your content read through it and make sure all of the important details are correct, such as date, time, location and address. As Stationers, we format your text and spell check it, but it is always important to read your proofs carefully, and have an additional set of eyes review it as well.

If you are struggling with how to word your invitation, please ask for help from the person creating your beautiful wedding invitations because they will have insight and suggestions to help you choose your wording.

Here at Love Notes Stationery, we want everything to be perfect from concept to delivery for your wedding stationery needs. Clients are provided multiple digital proofs, and are subsequently mailed (or can choose to pick up) a physical proof. The physical proof provides clients the opportunity to view the real-life printed colors, review printed content and layout selection, and verify that the overall product meets their expectations. Colors, as seen on online in a digital format, may appear lighter than they physically print, so it is best when clients are able to see a physical proof before a job goes into production.

A big yet basic component of stationery is legibility. A beautiful design does not mean much if guests can not clearly read the content, as the content is the most important part of a wedding invitation. Also, the other components of the stationery set, such as the detail card and rsvp card, should be reviewed to make sure that any corresponding information matches the other pieces in the set, such as times, locations, and names. Spelling, grammar, and spacing should also be reviewed.

Remember, you know your guests, but your Stationer does not. If you are having your Stationer print your envelopes please make sure all components of your addresses are complete and that they are formatted exactly as you would like to see them printed. When going through your addresses make sure the names, addresses, apartment numbers, states, and zip codes are correct and correctly formatted. Stationers and Calligraphers will print them exactly how they appear in your files. The addresses can be the most tedious part of you gathering your content for your wedding invitations but please put the time into double checking everyones names and addresses.

Your wedding invitations will be the very first component of your wedding that your guests see. They make a wonderful first impression, while providing important information that your guests need to make your day a success. If you take the time to proof your wedding stationery you will be glad you did, and you will likely receive many compliments on your professionally produced wedding invitations.


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Hello! My name is Jessica Weissman and I am owner and creator of Love Notes Stationery.

My story began while studying Graphic Design at The Art Institute of San Diego, California.  As an undergraduate, I discovered the excitement of the wedding industry and quickly fell in love with every aspect of it. I first began designing wedding invitations as part of a college internship. That experience led me to the vision of being a business owner and Stationer. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design, that vision evolved through journey of love and design, and Love Notes Stationery was born.

Specializing in custom wedding invitation suites, day-of-wedding products, and unique stationery for every occasion, Love Notes Stationery was born from a quest for a career that would allow me to combine my talents as a designer with my passion for true love.

A wedding is a very personal event and it is important to take the time to make each element reflect the couple and their vision. This requires learning about each couple and helping them to understand the design possibilities, as well as, the process and timeline. I love to help my couples understand any formalities or etiquette pitfalls they may encounter regarding their wedding stationery choices, and I enjoy getting to experience their excitement and passions throughout the process.

It is my passion to help bring to life, from your visions, a perfect stationery product to match your perfect day.  It would be my pleasure to help you create and design your invitation or stationery suite for your upcoming wedding. Please feel free to contact me with any wedding stationery questions you may have.

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!